Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Apple's Newest iPad

With Apple's newest iPad, generation three coming out this Friday, there are some very big differences in it and the previous two. The first thing is it is just called iPad, not iPad3 or HD like many speculated. Also, the screen resolution is going to be phenomenal. On top of that, the processor is going to be much quicker provider more rapid delivery of content to the owner/ user. The 9.7 inch screened tablet will hit stores Friday with a $499 price-tag, the same as what the iPad 2 hit stores at when it was released last year around this time. Since the tablet is compatible with 4G networks, it will be much faster for mobile browsing as well. With all the advances in technology usually comes a sacrifice of battery life; not in this case. The executives at Apple did it again, making the battery life of the iPad longer, thus giving it an edge over their competition.
Also, Apple says that the product is more targeted to people in the tablet market that currently do not own a tablet at all, or the first generation iPad owners. They realize some iPad2 owners will also upgrade but are mainly focused on the iPad1 owners. It will be interesting to see the screen, which Apple boasts contains a million more pixels than a HD television. 

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