Friday, February 24, 2012

Changes Coming to Cell Phone Battery Charging Method

With all the technology used in cell phones you would think the battery would last longer than just half a day. If you're like most Americans, you probably have a cell phone charger at home, once you get in your car you plug it in again, and then at the office the same thing. It seems like everywhere you go with your smart phone you have to worry about it dying on you. Well, this is hopefully going to change in the future. Duracell (large battery manufacturing company) has paired with Powermat with hopes of creating an easier way to charge cell phones without all the cords.
The reason battery life cannot be extended on smart phones is that fact that everyone wants small sleek looking products. When doing this, the space saved is taken from the space for the battery. So, instead of trying to increase battery life, Duracell and Powermat are trying to make it easier for cell phone users to charge their phone while on the go. I'm sure you have heard of the Powermat charging stations before (wireless charging station),  but they were never really a big hit. Maybe because they only work with certain phones, maybe because they are so expensive. Regardless of the reason, the two companies are setting out to make a universal charging mat that will work across the board with smart phones. Once this has been designed, they intend to provide Powermat charge stations to customers as well as have them in public places such as the mall. This will reduce the need for everyone having their own chargers everywhere and will eliminate all of the cords everywhere. You will simply place your phone on the charging mat and wirelessly your phone will be charging.

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