Saturday, January 28, 2012

Twitter to Begin Censoring

Twitter announced earlier in the week that they can now censor tweets based on geographic location. Twitter, based on open expression is contradicting themselves here. This announcement comes out shortly after Google decided to return to China. Some people speculate that Twitter is trying to get themselves in a better position to enter the Chinese internet market.
 Wall Street Journal's Take on This

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tablet Sales over 2011 Holidays Provide Enormous Growth

During the 2011 holiday season, many tablets were flying off the shelves in retail stores and warehouses all across the country. Many companies entered the tablet market right around the holiday season making it especially easy for consumers to chose a product that met both their needs and there budget. With tablets out like the Amazon Kindle Fire, HP's touchpad, and more selling below the $200 mark, its no wonder the market for tablets seen a 9% jump in growth between November and January. That 9% growth moved the ownership percentage from 10 to 19 in only a matter of months. Other products like the Barnes and Noble Nook and Amazon Kindles eReaders also seen a huge growth in ownership across the US.
According to a recent study, the tablet market seen most of its growth in the market segment of people with household incomes above $75,000 a year and also in homes where the owner has a higher level of education.  This growth is huge for the tablet market and just goes to show how technology is moving from the laptop to a even more portable and user friendly travel device.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Amazon Kindle Fire Revenue Takes Off

Over the past few months, Amazon's Kindle Fire has been a new phenomena in the tablet an eReader industry.  As tablets have been becoming more and more popular companies have been flooding this niche of the market with their own version of a tablet. Amazon made a bold statement when they released their Kindle Fire back in November 2011 selling it at several dollars below the cost of producing. This bold move seems to be paying off however; in a recent study Amazon showed that they in fact make over a $100 profit in selling additional items to Kindle Fire owners such as apps, eBooks, and so on. Looking at this from a marketing perspective, what a brilliant idea. Attract a large part of the "flooded" market by selling at a very competitive price, and then make their money off of their add on products.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Initial Setup

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